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7 Top Event Security Tips for Planners

Being an event organizer is not an easy job in any way. You have to take care of so many things that you almost forget considering event security. However, it is a crucial area to focus on since the industry has already witnessed some awful catastrophes.

Event security is not just about covering your venue with security people, but it demands great cooperation along with coordination. Although the process is quite complex, you can ensure your guest and staff safety by taking correct security measures.

Here are the top seven tips to help you in ensuring your event’s security and deliver an outstanding output.

7 Top Event Security Tips

  1. Examine Your Venue Well

Identify all the entry and exit points of the venue, create a blueprint or diagram, and share it with your staff and attendees. Make sure everybody attending the event is aware of them. Similarly, for outdoor events, arrange temporary boundaries such as temporary fencing and barricades.

  1. Assess the Potential Risks

If the event is going to be on a large scale (for ex. Political event, concert, etc.), make sure that armed security personal are there to handle unwanted situations. Gather as much information as you can about the venue, surrounding, host, guests, speakers, objectives, etc. Make a list of questions that might help you in deciding the type of risk, and being prepared with solutions. For example, whether the event context could invite security problems? Can the attendees attract controversy? Does the event expect protests?

  1. Communication is the Key

The larger the crowd, the larger the risk. Hire a professional security team for huge events, and ask them to communicate with your staff every now and then. If you are running without a professional team, ensure your staff stays in constant communication on a walkie-talkie or other preferred communication device.

  1. Establish Security Checkpoints

Set up checkpoints in an area outside the venue so that every guest goes through the security measures to enter. Install your registration booth at the entrance of the venue rather than in an auditorium inside the venue. This way, you can keep unwanted intruders away from the event in the first place.

  1. Cyber Threats Are Worth Considering

Cyber-crime is a non-negligible threat nowadays. If overlooked, the date, devices, and identities of your guests can be at risk. Have a team of IT people or at least one IT person who takes care of the security measures on the network. This will prevent malicious entities from sneaking the personal data from your participants’ devices.

  1. Your Staff Also Requires Screening

Be careful and analyze everyone in your staff to ensure they do not have any spiteful intentions. You can run a background check before hiring anyone to work with you. Introduce the staff with each other before the event, if they are working together for the first time. provide your team with unique identifiers.

  1. Be Ready with an Emergency Plan

Whether it is a big budget event with well-known personalities or a small one with the local crowd, it is always best to have an emergency response plan. Some of the important points that need to be included in an emergency plan are given below:

  • Communicate methods during emergency situations
  • Strategies to mass evacuate the event
  • locations and routes of safe areas
  • Staff gathering spots in case of emergency
  • How will you direct the crowd to safe rooms?

You cannot excrete all the risks of event security, but you can reduce the possibilities of any harm. Watchfulness and preparation are the key essences of a good security system.

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