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Event Management Trends That You Need to Keep in Mind

Just like any other year, 2020 is also going to be a big year for event management business. Even bigger we must say! A number of long talked about event planning trends will be seen in this upcoming year. Needless to say that technology has changed many things in the past decade and has become within the reach of everyone. Therefore, this year also, technology will have a considerable influence on the events.

To succeed in the event management industry, the planner has to be flexible, dynamic and up to date. Let’s have a look at the event management trends of the upcoming year that will help you move along with the flow.

Top Five Event Management Trends

More face to face time for attendees

Events will be great marketing channels for brands in the year 2020. Besides, it has been proven by several event marketing surveys that events are more successful platforms for attracting business rather than other channels. The probable reason for this could be a huge amount of time that is spent in front of the screen. Now, people look for more interactive marketing. Therefore, it is advisable to develop enough networking opportunities and places for face-to-face interactions that are scheduled.


The count of events being organized is increasing year by year. Some events seem to be copied by other successful events. However, they cannot develop their own recognition which can lead the business to failure. Well, 2020 is going to be different as this won’t fly anymore. Authenticity is the key to people’s involvement. It is not wrong to appreciate or get inspired by other’s magical events but you need to prove your own space and expertise in the industry.

Outstanding stage design

The stage is the one thing that grabs attendees’ attention. The industry has seen some of the best stage designs this year such as 3D projection and the creative use of lighting. This will continue to hold its place in stage decoration next year as well. If you are looking for something facilely catchy and yet under the budget, foam letters and cardboard backdrops solve your purpose. Make sure the stage you design for the event is not only eye-catchy but it should reflect your event goals clearly.

Hands-on-experiences for audience

Having interactive sessions during your event is not enough. The attendees now want more. They don’t want to just witness the event but want to experience the insights of it. Short informative talks combined with activities that allow the audience to learn how to apply what they learned are more effective than a long-winded speech.

Reach out to a large number of people through app interpreters

Although this technology is not quite new to the event industry, electronic translators now are much more reliable. Getting the right local translator is not always easy and dependable. These apps or remote interpreters can provide good communication experience to your audience regardless of time and event location. Moreover, you can save money by using this service as you don’t have to pay hourly to them.

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