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How to Approach Event Sponsors?

Having sponsors associated with your event means less financial worries and greater marketing aspects. Creating a list of potential sponsors for your upcoming event is not enough. You have to make strategies to pitch these companies in a way that you get succeeded in convincing them. The mode of communication does not really matter whether you are approaching them over emails or calling them.

3 Tips to Approach Event Sponsors

Below three tips will ease out your way to success.

Research Your Target Companies

Filter the brands that are aligned with your event’s vision and have a decent history in organizing events in the past. A little research about the companies you are going to pitch for the event sponsorship can be a game-changer. Try to identify the below point before approaching any particular brand:

Figure out the key decision-maker, their personality, and contact information.

Ensure the company has the budget to sponsor your event in your expected manner.

Understand the marketing objectives of the company and how your event can help meet them.

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Communicating Utilities

Since you have already investigated enough about the company and its particulars, it will help you in communicating values. Make sure you pitch about the potential company’s value, not your event goals. include important information in your communication such as the expected number and demographics of attendees, sponsors to your prior events, ROI previous sponsors received, and any other bits of relevant information.

Include Testimonials

Reviews from your previous partners can do a lot in convincing the brand you are approaching. The company would want to hear from them before they decide to tie up with you just like we go through reviews before making any online purchase. Testimonials persuade the potential sponsors that your event had provided a great experience to the prior alliances and investing in your event will be worthwhile.

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