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How to Promote a Corporate Event with Social Media?

The surveys show that a considerably huge number of internet users is actively owning social media nowadays, and the number is frequently skyrocketing. Therefore, Social media comes up as a perfect and affordable way to fairly advertise your corporate event. Email marketing has already been proven as a valuable platform to share information. Keeping up with the current trends such as Facebook and Instagram marketing is essential for a growth aspirant company.

Things to Keep in Mind When Promoting a Corporate Event via Social Media

Here are some basic considerations that you need to keep in mind if you are going to have your event marketed by social media.

Hashtags Can Do a Lot

All it requires is a little research about the trending hashtags related to your corporate event. Commence your findings with general event market words and popular phrases about the targeted event city. Hashtags help an enormous number of people in discovering about your event. Do not forget to create your own small event hashtag.

Being Interactive Is Important

By responding to the audience, you lead them to develop a sense of trust in your brand. You should be approachable to people if they have concerns, feedback, and questions related to your upcoming event or the company. It will bring them closer to your brand.

Engulfed Pictures

“A picture is worth a thousand words”

Social media posts that include pictures are much more engaging. Create a relevant and eye-catching content so that when the audience scrolls down the overcrowded feeds, they could not resist checking out your advertisement. Try to put the main attractions of your event in the post.

Share on Multiple Platforms

Different types of social media have different types of audiences. Promote your event across all accounts in order to increase the chances of getting your post shared. Thus, you will increase the reach and the number of attendees at your event.

Share Highlights of Previous Corporate Events

Sharing highlights from your previous events will boost up the excitement. Use photos, images, or testimonials to display how effective previous corporate events have been. Also, tag the people featuring in those pictures and videos. It will get people engaged and excited about your next event.

Create a Facebook Page for Your Event

It is a popular practice and is being used for every small and big event nowadays. Creating an event page on Facebook will give you an estimate of people interested in attending your event. Other sites such as LinkedIn and Eventbrite also let you create an event page, however, Facebook is still the most successful platform in attracting people and interest.

Research the Best Time to Share

Although social media attracts the interest of people throughout the year, a little research will give you an idea about the best days, time, and frequency to post your event.

Social media provides you free marketing of your brand and event alongside relationship building. Regardless of your budget, you must take advantage of it’s free of cost services.

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