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Tips to Write an Effective Event Description

What is an event description?

As the title clears itself, an event description is a basic sketch of your event. It’s like a fundamental building block of anything going to be written about the event in the future. In a recapitulation, it is a summarized description of what the event is all about, what it has to offer to your guests, and other crucial information (such as, event date, time, venue, location, lineup, and ticket price.)

Benefits of writing event description

A perfect event description creates a solid base to write productive promotional copy across all your marketing channels. It also ensures that anything written about your event stays true to your brand. Moreover, it is the only and first chance that you get to grab huge online attention.

3 Tips to Write Better Event Descriptions

Remember, the modern consumer behavior allows you only 5.59 seconds to make an impression. Here are the top suggestions to make the most out of those 5 seconds and turn the viewers into attendees.

Be attentive to the places it’s displayed

Preparing a description for your event is different than publishing it at event discovery sites or your social media profile. Therefore, it is important to know where your copy will live online. You can consider your event description display on emails, social media, and event discovery sites, display or search ads, and Sponsorship prospectuses.

These are the better ways to make your event reach a wider audience.

Relate to attendee’s emotions

A good description says everything about the event to the readers and convinces them to attend. Create a description that simply connects with your audience on a sentimental level and provides them all the required and clear information about the event. This will help to ensure their attendance in your event. Strive to answer these questions in your description.

Which language (casual, formal, expert, etc.) can best influence your audience?

How do you want people to feel like after discovering your event?

Get a blueprint

Your description must have an engaging story so that when a potential attendee comes across your event online, he or she inspires to buy event tickets right there and then.

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